Oxford Word Skills – Intermediate

Oxford word skills is a series of three books for students to learn, practise and revise new vocabulary. The Oxford word skills – basic was written for elementary and pre-intermediate level of English. There are over 2000 new words or phrases in each level, and all of the material can be used in the classroom or for self-study.

Each book contains 80 units of Vocabulary presentation and practice. Units are between one and three pages long, depending on the topic. New vocabulary is presented in manageable quantities for learners, with practice exercise following immediately, usually on the same page. At the end of each module there further practice exercises in the review units, so that learners can revise and test themselves on the vocabulary learned.

At intermediate level, the vocabulary includes:

  • A wide range of common topics, e.g. money, health issues, realtionships
  • Words and phrases needed in social interaction, e.g. giving opinions, making arrangements to meet
  • Area of lexical grammar, e.g. prefixes and suffixes, link words

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Oxford Word Skills - intermediate

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