Longman preparation series for the New TOEIC test – Intermediate Course

Longman Preparation Series for the TOEIC test will help you build your vocabulary. It will introduce you to words that are often used on the new TOEIC test. These are words that are used fequently in general English and also in business English contexts. You will learn words used by businesspeople involved in making contracts, marketing, planning conferences, using computers, writing letters and hiring personnel. You will learn the words to use when shopping, ordering supplies, examining financial statements, and making investments. You will also learn general English terms often found in business contexts. This includes words used for travel and entertaiment and for eating out and taking care of one’s health.

Before you begin to study the new TOEIC test, you should look through this book from the first page to the last. You will learn how the book is organized and how it will help you. Notice the headphone symbol used throughout the book. This symbol means that you will need the appropriate audio for that section. Now read this self-study Guide completely.

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Longman preparation series for the New TOEIC test

Longman preparation series for the New TOEIC test

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