600 Essential words for the TOEIC

This book teaches you vocabulary that will help you when you take the TOEIC. The TOEIC measures the English proficiency of people working in international business or planning to use English to communicate with others. Although the exam does not specifically test specialized vocabulary, the items on the exam are in specialized contexts.

This book will you understand specialized contexts that are often used on the TOEIC. Each chapter focuses on a particular context that has appeared on the TOEIC. The contexts are specialized, but the words are not. The words are general vocabulary. They can be used in many contexts. You will learn these words in contexts that are used on the TOEIC.

This book contains 50 lessons, and each lesson introduces you to 12 new words in a specific context. If you study one lesson every day, in 50 days you can learn 600 new words. You will practice these words by doing exercises that look just like the questions on the TOEIC.

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600 Essential words for the TOEIC

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