[A2] Talk about television viewing habits

Imagine you are a teenager. You think sreen time (watching TV, using phone, using computer) is good. Write a discussion about your opinions.


Our groups has 5 members. Almost everyone spend the least two hour have watching TV or using computer. Only a few of us want to watch less TV. They prefer downloading the movies. Because they want watching any time.

I like watching TV or using phone, computer in my free time very much. I often spend two hours a day watching TV or using computer.

I only watch TV in the evening, after I finish all my work. On Saturday and Sunday, I watch more. I always watch TV when I’m eating. I don’t watch TV while reading books. Because It will distract me from the content of the book.

I watch English educational movies on YouTube the most. Because I think I can learn a new language watching TV. The movies helps me to improve my English skills.

I’m unsure watching TV helps children develop new ideas. But I convinced If I have screen time, like watching TV, using computer, I can experience cultures I never see in real life. Having screen time can provide me good knowledge. I can’t go to everywhere in Vietnam. But I can understand the food, the people, the traditional cultures.

I always turn off the TV or computer when I am not using it, as it is a good way to save the electricity bill.

My parents try not to let me have too much screen time. They think I should go out more and watch less TV. In their opinion, if young children watch too much TV everyday, they don’t learn how to talk. They firmly believe TV damages teenagers’ ability to concentrate in school.

Some contraction

  • Almost everyone / some people / no one / the majority of us / everyone / a lot of people / only a few of us
  • In my opinion / I think / I firmly believe / I’m convinced / I’m in two minds about / I’m unsure / I’m not convinced / I don’t feel that
  • have a screen time / have too much screen time
  • spend hours / days / months + doing something
  • help + doing something / help to do something

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